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Charise’s Blissful Wedding

Hi All, it’s Charise here! Boss requested me to write a blog entry about my wedding on the 23rd January, so here I am! Oh, by the way, for those who don’t know me, I’m Charise, ex-teacher of the school back in 2004. =)

Hmm…my wedding…what shall I write? Well, looking back, if there are 3 words to describe my feelings then, it would be “ Ecstatic” “Grateful” and “Relieved”.

Ecstatic because that was the most beautiful and significant day of my life; I married my best friend and confidante. Grateful because we had so many friends, especially friends who flew from Japan and Thailand to specially attend our wedding. I’m grateful for the love and friendship which made the wedding even more wonderful! Relieved, because it is finally over, and Sean and I can truly begin our journey as a married couple.=)

The days leading to the wedding were extremely hectic; not only did we have to cope with our day jobs, the wedding preparations, but also, the renovations for our new house. (Yippee!) The wedding day was divided into 3 sessions- the traditional gate-crashing by the groom and his “brothers” followed by the tea ceremony in the morning, the wedding solemnization in the evening, and finally, the banquet dinner at night. The day was gorgeous with bright, warm sunshine, not too hot, not rainy, just Perfect. (^_^)

With the help from our families and close friends, the wedding went smoothly. I think the wedding was extra special because Sean and I put in a lot of effort preparing for it, and we tried, as best as we can, to add in special touches that reflected our interests and personality. We spent many days and nights creating the photo montages, the cards and decorations for the wedding. I spent over a month folding 1000 cranes and stringing them up to use as the stage backdrop. The result was pretty amazing! =) We love love love the photos!

It was an emotional day for my parents as well…my dad teared on a couple of occasions. He must be too happy that his “overaged” daughter is finally getting married!! Haha.

Seriously, I already miss having them around. Now that I have a family of my own, I have to be responsible not only for myself, but for my husband and pet dog niko-chan too! But I’m really excited about this new stage in my life!!

We’re now busy with the renovations of our new house, and we expect it to be ready in a week’s time. Yay!! Then we’ll slowly add more furniture and accessories to make the house a Home. We’re looking forward to that. =)

A beautiful wedding. A new home. A new stage in life. A beautiful beginning.

Here are some photos taken during the wedding:

♥ Charise