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Huishan’s life in Yokohama

Hello to all students of Temasek. Hope everyone is doing well! For the newer students who have no idea who this is, I am Huishan, a teacher with Temasek Language School from 2006 to 2008.

After 2 years in Kobe, I stayed in Shinjo (Yamagata) for about 1 year, and 3 months ago, I found myself in Japan again, this time Yokohama!

So far, life here has been enjoyable. My company is within walking distance from where I stay, which in turn is only a short 10-minute train ride from the main Yokohama station. While work can get very hectic at times, I have very understanding managers who always try to fulfill my requests. Most importantly, I am glad to have had a few visits from my loved ones in Singapore, as well as chances to meet up with my friends living in Tokyo, thus making my life in Yokohama far from lonely!

Ok, I shall let the pictures do the talking now.


At Yokohama Chinatown with my mother when she visited in June

In front of the Kamakura Daibutsu with my boyfriend when he visited last month

Meeting Etsuko, one of my former housemates in Kobe, and who currently lives in Tokyo

Hanging out with my Malaysian & Indonesian friends who are working in Tokyo

Although I am having a good time in Yokohama, I miss everyone in Kobe a lot! I will be here till sometime end of this year, so if you happen to visit Yokohama/Tokyo by then, please feel free to join me for a meal! In addition, I am actually visiting Kobe this weekend! Do drop by Temasek on Saturday (8/13) if you have time to catch up with me.

Hope to see everyone again soon while I’m still in Japan! =)

With love,