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It’s been a while! – Hi from Karen ~

Hi everyone in Temasek

This is Karen from the class in year 2000. All thanks to Boss who still
keeps in touch with everyone that I get the chance to write something in this blog. I lost a lot of my proficiency in Japanese since I last had picnic and hiking sessions with some Temasek students in 2000.

Recently, I  just quit my job with Panasonic and took some small trips during this break. I went to Sabah (East Malaysia) to support my sister and my boyfriend who took part in the 100km Mount Kinabalu run. We also did a small basic camping trip with a local company. I’m not sure if you would like it because the water for bathing and brushing your teeth is chocolate-colored. It’s safe but an unusual color indeed!

After Sabah, I went to Siem Reap (Cambodia) for the 4th time. I go there every 2 years- it’s like my personal pilgrimage. I’ve always love this part of IndoChina as the people are really nice. Of course, I still take a lot of pictures of Angkor Wat and the temples. Oh yes, I managed to find a horse-riding place and we took the horse for a sunset walk. So, now I’m back, I’m missing vacation again. I think I should find a job first….

I hope everyone is doing well or even better in Temasek with very qualified teachers. Anyone who were in my class previously can feel free to write to me too. Boss has my email.

Everyone, do have fun in class!

My boyfriend at the Sabah race

Our camp hut in Sabah

Horse-riding in Siem Reap