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Hello from the Bay Area!

Hello from the Bay Area!

After reading the blog entries submitted by other Temasek teachers, I just had to ask Fujioka-san if I, too, could submit something. I was a teacher at Temasek many years ago (1996-1997), but I still keep in touch with Fujioka-san and his family and the happenings at Temasek. I have wonderful memories of my time teaching at Temasek and exploring Kobe, which at the time was undergoing major rebuilding and construction because of the Great Hanshin earthquake the year before. I feel very lucky to have lived in such a vibrant and interesting city.
テマセックの先生方が寄稿されたブログを読んで、私も何か書いてもいいですかと藤岡さんに尋ねました。私は何年も前(1996 – 1997)にテマセックの教師をしていましたが、今も藤岡さんや家族の皆さんと交流しており、そしてテマセックでのいろいろなことも知らせてもらっています。テマセックでの教師生活、そして神戸の街の探訪は素晴らしい思い出です。その神戸は1年前に起きた阪神淡路大震災で復興のための工事が行われていたまさにその時でした。私はそんな活気あふれた街に住むことができてとてもラッキーでした。

When I moved back to the United States, I started working for the government of a small town near San Diego, California. Soon after, I got married to Colin Goodwin (Fujioka-san and his wife attended our wedding in San Diego!). After a few years living in San Diego, Colin and I moved to Northern California so I could attend graduate school at the University of California at Berkeley. We fell in love with the Bay Area and have lived here for nearly ten years.

Now we have two children- Tristan and Mira- who are ages 8 and 6. Colin works as a fourth grade English teacher, and I work as a researcher for the state judiciary. We live about 30 minutes from downtown San Francisco. San Francisco is a wonderful city with many unique neighborhoods and shops, and we enjoy spending weekends visiting the city. And just like the beautiful mountains behind Kobe, San Francisco has many beautiful natural areas that a short distance away from the city. We can easily go for a hike in a redwood forest, see deer, or visit the ocean (but the water is freezing!).

During the summers, we like to take long road trips to visit family or see the sights of the west. I’ve included a family photo of us in Ouray, Colorado. Ouray is in a region of Colorado that was famous for mining in the 19th century, but there are very few mines still operating and the small towns in the area rely mostly on tourism. There are beautiful forests, mountains, and rivers to explore in the area.

I have family members who live in Tokyo, so occasionally, I have been able to visit Temasek and Fujioka-san. Temasek still has the comfortable, family atmosphere that I enjoyed so much when I was a teacher there. It is still a very special place to me, and maybe you will see me there sometime, playing Scrabble with Fujioka-san. He always wins, both because he’s very skilled but also because I’m usually very jet-lagged, so if you see me, please help me!