Hello from Singapore!

A big hello to all Temasek students! Some of you might not know me but my name is Catherine and I was a Temasek teacher from 2002 to 2004. Wow, that was more than 8 years ago since I came back to Singapore! Time really flies. So what have I been busy these past years? Well, I was working as a secretary cum marketing manager in a Japanese company called ISI-Dentsu. It is one of the subsidiaries of Dentsu.

Then I joined a local headhunter company as I wanted to try recruitment industry. Finally I had the chance to work in big beauty company called L’Oreal in Human Resource department.  Besides busy working, I am also busy with my personal life. Going out with friends, spending time with family, travelling to other countries (because Singapore is so small) and of course going around Singapore to look for good food! That’s why some of you might realize that I’ve put on weight! Haha!!

Though it has been 8 years since I came back to Singapore, I will never forget the experience I had in Kobe and at Temasek Language School. I was very motivated by the students as they were so passionate about learning English and Mandarin. I also made a lot of friends during my stay in Kobe. Some of them even attended my wedding in Singapore in 2007 and I am still very touched. Thanks for the friendship and I am sorry if I did not manage to keep in touch with all of you.

I think it is a great idea to have this blog. I’m really happy to know that some of the students that I used to teach are still learning English and Mandarin at Temasek Language School and many of them have improved tremendously. Hope to see you either in Singapore or Kobe. Please take care!

Friends from Kobe for my wedding

Post-wedding lunch with friends from Kobe

Travel photo with my husband, Ben


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